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The Cookie Diet… Really?

In the last few years, I’ve noticed that more people are beginning to embrace the idea that weight loss involves making healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. This comes as welcome news to myself and all of the other dietitians…
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Is Anyone Out There Cooking?

My private nutrition coaching practice has no shortage of people who desperately want or need to lose weight. Everyone knows the health risks of obesity, yet many people do not know how start changing their lifestyle in order to achieve…
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Ayurvedic Perspective

There is much confusion as to what is the healthiest diet for us to consume–a predominantly raw food diet or a cooked-food diet? On the one hand we have raw food enthusiasts recommending a natural diet of 100% raw food.…
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A Happy, Healthy Heart

Flowers, trees, mountains and seas have been restoring our bodies, calming our minds, and uplifting our spirits forever. Just as Renaissance alchemists turned to the divine wisdom of natural magic to address ills of the previous epoch; our new millennium…
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