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Everyday Spiritual Techniques

As we go about our daily routine, we can learn to connect to spirit at the same time!

In our sped up life, spiritual techniques are frequently set aside for a special quiet time, if we actually make the time! However, there are things we can do to energize ourselves, ground and become aware of the present moment.

We can do centering exercises at our desk, breathing out negative energies (such as stress and tension) and breathing in white (Divine) light. Intend to release any energies that’s keeping you off balance, and aim to center your being. Intend this light to permeate every cell, and go beyond the sub-cellular level. You can also clear your chakras by using breath and/or visualization. Remember, intention is the key, for whatever you intend to do heartfully will be accomplished. Some techniques take practice and discipline, but intention is 99% of this work.

As you go about your day, ask yourself where you’re focusing your consciousness. Is it in releasing negative energy or holding on to it? If you’re holding on, what are you getting out of it? If you want to stay angry, frustrated or fearful, how’s this serving you? We have unconscious reasons for keeping negative energy. I’m calling these energies “negative” although they’re technically lower frequency energies. They all serve a purpose, and can provide clues as to what patterns or triggers are being provoked within us.

When walking down the street, place your attention on the physical experience your feet make with the ground. Visualize yourself connected to the earth and having an energy interaction with it, such as releasing negative energy and taking in positive energy. This is the natural recycling and spiritual ecological balance which grounds and clears us at the same time.

With food, hold your hands over it and say a simple affirmation such as, “my body will accept all the nutritional value that’s good for me and allow any unwanted elements to pass harmlessly from my body.” Any affirmation used in engaging an activity sets into motion energies that will “color” the experience.

While taking a shower, envision the water cleansing your aura. The flow of water creates a negative ion field which helps purify the aura. By becoming aware of this interaction and with intention, the experience becomes more intense. The same is true when you’re by the ocean. The action of the crashing waves and the ocean itself creates a giant ionized field. This is energizing and revitalizing. When you’re conscious of this, the event becomes more powerful. All things have this element of consciousness.

By placing your attention upon your interaction with the Divine life force, which is both light and sound, you become sensitive and aware of its presence within and around you. This sensitivity is important in developing a more intimate experience with the Divine––both your own Divinity and the Divinity of others.

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