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Miracles of the Heart

The heart is truly an organ of emotional passion and is influencing your daily life decisions, including the management of family, work, and community life. In today’s times, the economy and environment have shaken the foundation of this trinity. The American dream of peace and freedom comes with a toll in finding a balance between these daily living issues. Most importantly are the children and their sensitivity to home and community. Because of current trends, children are losing a stable home environment and a supportive environment to live out their childhood dreams. The foundation of the American dream starts with children. If they hold no dream due to a lack of stability, America becomes pressured to care for emotionally injured children. Day-to-day life becomes a challenge for these traumatized children, especially as they become adults and are required to participate within worldly standards. Their hearts and minds, out of the passion to belong, will seek answers, not always knowing where to go since the conscious mind is clouded by the uncertainty of the emotion they feel and what their family dynamic is suggesting.

What can you or anyone do today to participate with the trinity of home, family and community? First, it’s important to recognize the nature of consciousness within yourself and how the miracle of the mind plays a role in personal choice compared to what society thinks you should do. In some cases, if you cannot meet societal roles for family, work, and community life it can be viewed as resistant behavior and can leave one feeling ashamed and guilty. If pressure is pushed on this issue, then you or a traumatized adult may feel a sense of entitlement to be cared for since you cannot meet the standards. If pressure increases, then the trigger of fight-or-flight becomes dominant. During these times of emotional outburst, you or the adult child can hurt those who are closest to you. However, not participating with the family dynamic is the most damaging thing you can do for the sake of yourself and the family, for the miracle to explore is the family dynamic and your role in it.

Miracles of the Heart—the Kala Chakra
Emotions can often dominate the mind and what you think is the right thing to do. The key to survival of a family and community is for individuals and parents to take care of their emotional needs first and then the children. The mind is a tool and can calm the weary heart and emotional nature. When the mind links with the nature of consciousness, you begin to recognize how what you think plays a large role in how emotions stay at a peaceful, constructive nature.

Meditation, guided imagery, and bio-energetic living (the relationship between humanity and nature) are wonderful tools for utilizing the mind and energetic states of the body and emotion. The brain is constantly being charged with electrical and magnetic frequencies and sending multiple signals to the emotions based on your thoughts. Thoughts that trigger positive emotion can simply be associated with nature’s basic need to survive. This could include quality of food, a clean water supply, a restful and clean environment, clean clothing, recognizing natural talents and resources, a spiritually supportive environment of no judgment, and a support group willing to listen to your needs and express the joy of living between each other. The subconscious, much like the child in each of us, demands these basic needs. It does not understand negative intention because the subconscious only responds to positive action. Americans today have had the freedom to choose the life they wish to live since the foundations of America have been set down, including our consumer values portrayed in the media. As lifestyle changes begin to take place due to economic and environmental demands, you will resort back to the basics of a sustainable lifestyle. This transition can challenge the ego and can initiate you into a challenge based on your perception of entitlement. Developing a relationship between your conscious mind and nature will lay down the foundation to a miraculous vision of a golden era in America today.

Transition is the Miracle of Life
The key to managing transition times is accomplished by balancing the master glands at the center of the brain. The glands include the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus (the emotional seat). The higher glands are sensitive to light, color, smell, sound, touch, and energetic frequencies influencing brain activity. Focusing on the elements of nature to balance the higher glands will in turn balance the heart to harmonize emotion. This is an ancient art form within many cultures and religions. It can be recognized within the golden eras of ancient Egypt, Greece, and India. The higher glands are the keepers of homeostasis. When you receive the proper rest, right eating, and exposure to full spectrum light, practice meditation, prayer, positive thinking and speaking, yoga, acupuncture, and partaking of flower elixirs, the higher glands, as well as the heart, are harmonized. When the heart is harmonized, you begin to experience the miracle of soul awareness recognizing the vital resources you have to develop and share from within. This is the essential essence of giving and receiving to meet your needs.

The higher glands, when harmonized with nature, give clarity to the conscious mind. Never suppress the conscious mind, for it is your inherited right to know your true self. This in itself is a miracle of spiritual knowing and offers great contentment and joy to living. If clarity is lost, there is a natural instinct to restore the conscious mind. In this effort you may become excessive in using alcohol, drugs, food, overworking, and even over-caring those close to you because the consumer market feeds on our lack of consciousness. Excessive behavior may give partial balance, most often not lasting. This trigger may include playing out emotional patterns to justify one’s lack of clarity and inability to make healthy decisions. It’s important to remember that in achieving clarity of consciousness, this is a lost teaching of humanity’s miraculous relationship to nature, and it will need to be learned again.

Throughout time, the knowledge of humanity’s relationship to nature was handed down through communication within the family structure, addressing religion, medicine, stories, and art forms. It’s important not to be judgmental of yourself while establishing this knowledge in your life once again. It does take a conscious effort to reestablish this relationship and it is important to connect with support groups and teachings focused on

New Year’s Resolution—Be Positive
Research has suggested that 80 percent of our thoughts are negative. The balance of keeping a harmonious spirit is to stay within your means while feeling the demands of a consumer culture, especially with children. Shift your mind imagery when feeling guilt or judgment of yourself and others because we feel we haven’t achieved enough for the family. This is a perfect time to explore natural talents and look at various ways to give and receive in an effort to achieve your goal for balanced living. Giving to the family is achieved through day-to-day activities and holds the miracle of love in our hearts in the action of this effort.

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