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Nirvana Hyperbaric Institute – The Healing Power of Pure Oxygen

Integrative Natural Healing

Nirvana Hyperbaric Institute is a provider of pure 100% medical grade oxygen therapies designed to rejuvenate, heal and optimize your body and mind with pure oxygen.

Dr. Bob M

MD, ABHM, MCP, CNS, Holistic Doctor

To determine how well you are by measuring body function non-invasively and non-destructively. To measure how well a body system is working when challenged and how well a system regulates its products.

Dr. Clark E

Ph.D., MFT, Doctor, Psychotherapist

As a private practitioner I have been strongly influenced by the theoretical school of C.G. Jung and the pragmatic application of therapeutic hypnosis as innovated by Milton Erickson, Erickson’s work being the subject of my doctoral dissertation.


LMT, Esthetician, Craniosacral Therapy

Touch Santa Barbara offers outstanding bodywork modalities including craniosacral therapy, Swedish, deep tissue, Tibetan shirodhara, reflexology and aromatherapy. Our goal is to use natural remedies to promote health and alleviate discomfort.

Incoming Angels

Santa Barbara Doula & Prenatal Yoga

Wendy has a background in Western and Eastern health care, in addition to deep metaphysical studies. A registered Nurse with experience…

Glory B Flower Essences

Flower Essences

The time has come for all of us to enjoy health and witness peace on earth. I know that this garden at Namasté Santuario and its Glory B flower essences can help us move toward the fulfillment of that vision.

Dr. Elizabeth W

PhD, LCSW, Licensed Practicing Psychotherapist

Alternative Counseling was the name I chose for my private practice because I wanted to explore approaches that could be alternatives to those that are traditionally relied upon in the field of psychotherapy. The exquisite uniqueness of every human.

Beth A

A Celebration of Connection to Self and Community Through the Arts – Dancing, Shrine-making, Writing, Painting, Embellishing, Partying! My intention is to provide fun-loving formats for creating your lasting happiness and well-being.

Liz B


Personal Touch Blood Drawing in your home or office. With over 16 years experience in situations as demanding as the ER to the individual care of internal medicine, I have earned a reputation for pain free draws and my pleasant bedside manner.

Santa Barbara Hyperbaric

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment in a portable chamber, at 1.3 ATA and 94% oxygen, administered daily for ten consecutive sessions (1 hour each) improves brain function as measured by SPECT brain scan and a test for attention and reaction time