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Power Animal of Balance and Happiness: Dragon Fly

“Make space in your garden for the Faeries to Dance”

Kaleidoscope wings skipping on water is a sacred sight granted only to those who take the time to venture out to magical places, or create such balanced spaces of sun and water in their own back yards. Dragon flies are powerful symbols of elemental forces. As creatures that ride the changing winds, they are associated with the qualities of transformation and adaptability.

Dragon flies also spend their lives around water, the symbol of psyche, dreams and deep feelings. When we combine water and air in a conscious way, hidden emotions and passions rise to the surface and can be confronted, released and harnessed. To ride the dragon fly of our own beings, we must first release ourselves from the bondage of heavy thoughts and weighty beliefs. This can be done by noticing what is hidden in the depths, but not lingering there for long or getting attached to it: this would cause any dragon fly to drown. Instead, skim or dart over the pond and delight in the fact that you have wings.

Dragon flies lead brief but exuberant lives. As Carlos Castaneda once said, “Because the path leads nowhere, make the best of it.” Dragon fly is the ultimate symbol of happiness and balance. If life on Earth is getting you down, go ask a dragon to teach you how to fly.

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